Map and Wildlife

This section of river has fairly small riparian zones by virtue of the steep incline on either side of the river.  However, these steep inclines are wooded, and on the side on which I’m focusing, give way to cattle pasture.  There are definitely squirrels and chipmunks, which can be observed any time.  I also know from prior experience that there are both trout and frogs in this river, but not many because of the poor water quality and eutrophied nature of the river.  The arrow indicates the direction of flow of the river.

Description and Vegetation

The center of my phenology spot is beneath a roughly 50 foot tall hemlock tree on the bank of the LaPlatte River in Charlotte.  The river, about 20 feet wide, meanders through its little gulley and has a green/grey color.  It’s pretty severely eutrophied at this location, likely because it’s right in the middle of the Charlotte cattle farming area.  Not a whole lot is living in the river at this time of year except for a few trout that have held on.  The trees are primarily hemlocks and beeches, with a smattering of sugar maple saplings among the grasses and leaves in the understory.  On one side of the spot is the river, and on the other is a steep bank, about 20 feet vertical at roughly a 40 degree angle, at the top of which is a pasture for cattle.


Phenology Spot

This is the location of my phenology project, in Charlotte VT, on the bank of the LaPlatte River as it passes through an area with a lot of cattle farming.  I already know this spot reasonably well because of my attempts at fishing there.



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