The Beginnings of Autumn

My next visit to Centennial Woods was today, Sunday October 22nd. It is unusually warm considering it is one month into Autumn. Although it still feels warm, many changes were noticeable as soon as I returned to my chosen location. Leaves covered the trails that were once cleared, and the leaves that still remained on the trees were bright yellow, orange and red or brown. The small bushes that line the stream and trail have shriveled up leaves and twigs, with a couple green leaves and twigs spread throughout. Also, the stream, which was  somewhat deep and flowing in September, is now noticeably shallower and it is not as wide anymore. Signs of habitat included nests high up in trees and small holes in trees, leaves, and the ground.

The sketch of the birds-eye map shows the stream with the man-made bridge that crosses over and continues for a bit of the trail. The small bushes and grassy area are noted that surround the riparian area, and the different types of trees are spread around the trail.

Birds-eye sketch