As the seasons turn over and we have entered fall, the Redstone Pines have begun to reflect the season change. A great number of pine needles have turned brown and fallen to the wood floor. As I trek through the pines on my way to hammock as I usually do my ruby red boots would turn white with sap and crushed pine cones.

As I lay in my hammock gently swaying back and forth by the fall breeze I observe a flock of Canada geese flying in a V formation above my head. Groups of pigeons peck at the ground and dredge through the fallen pine needles at my feet. I see the silhouette of a hawk fly over the pines and the pigeons immediatly scatter.

The hawk flies on, probably taking advantage of the thermal air pockets that it depends on for its diurnal migration.

I imagine what it would be like to be a bird flying high over the Earth. Observing the life and the landscape from a bird eye’s view. I imagine it would be quite peaceful.