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As the seasons turn over and we have entered fall, the Redstone Pines have begun to reflect the season change. A great number of pine needles have turned brown and fallen to the wood floor. As I trek through the pines on my way to hammock as I usually do my ruby red boots would turn white with sap and crushed pine cones.

As I lay in my hammock gently swaying back and forth by the fall breeze I observe a flock of Canada geese flying in a V formation above my head. Groups of pigeons peck at the ground and dredge through the fallen pine needles at my feet. I see the silhouette of a hawk fly over the pines and the pigeons immediatly scatter.

The hawk flies on, probably taking advantage of the thermal air pockets that it depends on for its diurnal migration.

I imagine what it would be like to be a bird flying high over the Earth. Observing the life and the landscape from a bird eye’s view. I imagine it would be quite peaceful.

I decided to pick this Redstone green space as my place because I enjoyed visiting the small wooded area before the project was even assigned. My friends and I will often visit the woods when we wanted to get away from the busyness of the university and relax.

The area is located right behind University Heights South. You walk past University Heights South, past the Patrick Gymnasium and up towards Redstone campus and cross the street up into the Redstone Woods! The area is home to a collection of Northern White Cedars, Eastern White Pines, and Norway Maples. The soil is dry and covered in a blanket of pine needles.

Be sure to come visit if you are in the mood to get away from your troubles and hammock!


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