Changing Scenery

Create a hand-drawn, birds-eye map of your place highlighting its prominent features. Take a digital photo (or a scan) of your map so that you can upload it to your Phenology Blog. Describe any changes you have noticed in the appearance of the vegetation since your previous visits. In addition, document and describe any evidence of wildlife using your place as habitat. (2 points)

There have been a few changes to my piece of the woods since I was last here. There are a lot more leaves on the ground, and the grasses are a lot yellower than they were. Some of the leaves of the small herbaceous plants have shriveled up and turned yellow-brown.

This trip I explored a little more beyond my usual sitting spot. My location is interesting because in a small area of land there is a river, a wetland area, and a forest section. I walked around the edge of the wetland today and took a beautiful picture (see below).

On the wetland, there was a lot of evidence of wildlife. I could hear birdcalls; I saw ants and crickets scuttling along the ground.

The wetlands

Birds-Eye Map

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