Hello Green and Gold Alumni!

Welcome to the Green and Gold online newsletter!

Our goal is to tell stories that look back on your UVM experiences, dig into what’s happening on campus now, and look ahead to what’s next for UVM.

And we’ll try to have a little fun while we’re at it.

Here are some things you’ll see in the coming months:

  • We’ll bring back some of the best yearbook content from the past. Luckily, the UVM Libraries has digitized most of the Ariel yearbooks, so we can dive deep into the archives to find the best stories.
  • We’ll tell you stories about your classmates and fellow alumni. Vermont Quarterly and class notes do an amazing job of telling stories three times a year — but there’s a lot more out there.
  • We’ll get you ready to celebrate milestone events. Whether it is your 50th year reunion or welcoming a brand-new class of students to UVM, we’ll make sure you know about it.