IMPORTANT: Conservation Compliance and Crop Insurance Subsidies

I received this message from Adrienne Wojciechowski in Patrick Leahy’s office via Steve Justis regarding new requirements for filing a conservation compliance form with USDA in order to receive crop insurance subsidies. This form is due on June 1! I am not well-versed on this provision, so please contact your Farm Service Agency office ASAP […]

Scab, pink insect management, fire blight, what else?

May 7, 2015 by Terence Bradshaw This is an important week for orchard activities, as you likely know. I’ll try to be brief but thorough: Apple scab: Depending on whether or not you had green tissue showing on April 23 or (more likely) April 27-28, you may not have even seen an apple scab infection […]

Summer Orchard & Vineyard Management Course at UVM

Time is running out to fill this course with sufficient students to run it this summer, so if you’re interested in developing in-depth management knowledge of apple and grape crops in Vermont, now is the time to sign up! Details and sign up information can be found at: If you have questions about signup, […]

More on Fire Blight

May 5, 2015 by Terence Bradshaw We have run the Maryblyt model for the UVM Hort Farm in South Burlington and, as I had predicted this morning, conditions for infection will occur this weekend if blossoms are open. We may not have flowers showing by this weekend, but growers are advised to be diligent in […]

Fire Blight risk looks high

May 5, 2015 by Terence Bradshaw With the string of warm days that we have been experiencing this week leading into bloom, as well as the amount of fire blight that was around in 2014, I expect that we may be in for a tough year with this disease. I have not yet run the […]