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Redstone Woods

A visit to the Redstone Woods

Posted: October 23rd, 2017 by ethurma1

In my next visit to the Redstone Woods, things looked a lot different. The previously green grassy ground is not entirely covered with a thick blanket of orange pine needles. The covering of pine needles is between one to two inches so it has drastically changed the appearance of the area. This time I noticed more squirrels than my previous visits. I listened closely for the different sounds of the organisms in the area and heard a variety of birds chirping. I also noticed much fewer insects flying around than the last time I visited the woods. Bellow is a sketch of what an aerial view of the area would look like. There is a thick covering of tall pine trees so it is hard to see anything else.


An Introduction to Redstone Woods

Posted: October 23rd, 2017 by ethurma1

Coming to UVM was a scary transition in my life. Falling in love with the Vermont scenery certainly helped me in that transition. In the beginning of the year, I lived in Wright Hall on Redstone Campus. A place that helped me to feel at home from the start was the Redstone Woods. From the sidewalk, it looks like just a place for some UVM hippies to set up their hammocks, but when you walk a little deeper there is a lot to discover about the land.

Most of the vegetation is large pine trees with some smaller shrubs and ferns towards the back of the woods.

Here is a picture of me being one of those UVM hippies in a hammock.



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