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Posted: October 23rd, 2017 by bsburt

Map of Salmon Hole


Overall, the changes in the vegetation have been subtle due to the increased temperatures we faced this fall. There is noticeably larger amounts of fallen leaves on the ground, but nothing like it should be late October. As far as wildlife, the closer I’ve paid attention the more so I have come across animal scat (admittedly I could not identify as I am not a poop expert), but have also seen chipmunks, and squirrels scamper across the trail as well as birds singing in the trees.

Salmon Hole, October 17 2017

Posted: October 17th, 2017 by bsburt

Map before the trail head

Salmon Hole is one of Burlington’s most stunning natural settings, as well as the go to spot for many of Burlington’s anglers. After a quick walk through a grimy part of town (the end of Colchester Ave just before crossing the bridge into Winooski), you’ll find yourself at a small parking lot, with a trailhead located a brisk gander past.

Beginning of the path

Take the first right, and walk down these steps.

Take your next right, and you will come across a narrow path that opens up onto the rocky face of Salmon Hole.

Salmon Hole

My biggest trait I was looking for when choosing my location was that it be located near a body of water. This was primarily due to areas surrounding water being diverse, having more wildlife, and generally being prettier to look at. To my surprise, the landscapes here varied much more than I anticipated.

Sandy beach opposite the rock face you initially come out on

From cliff faces to sandy shores, this place seemingly has it all. The vegetation in the area going from path to water, starts out as a hardwood area filled with American Beeches, Boxelders and Basswoods to woody shrubs like Honeysuckle and Buckthorn.

Salmon Hole is a terrific spot, and I recommend it to anyone looking for some scenery paired with walk as there is a trail that leads down the Winooski for some ways. You’ll even encounter this hidden gem:

The Hut


You can find Salmon Hole at: 236 Riverside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401


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